The Best Pocket Knife to Carry When You’re Looking for Trouble

The Best Pocket Knife to Carry When You’re Looking for Trouble

Men’s Blog #1:  

These men’s blogs I’m posting are being sent first as emails to all the men in our church and even though I’m directing them toward men I believe everyone can benefit from them.  So they’ll be posted here (sometimes with minor changes) one week after the men have received them as emails. 

Every man should be personally growing in at least four ways.
He should be embracing his circumstances, both the good and the bad, and learning and growing through them.
I don’t grow courage unless I face my fears.
I don’t become more patient and loving unless I’m challenged by hard-to-love people.
I don’t learn to lead my family or others well if I isolate myself.

Personal growth is about embracing challenge.  Sometimes we need to go looking for trouble, challenging ourselves (which is the reason for the title of this blog) to grow.   Here’s the problem though:  most men don’t grow. Most men stay trapped in their fears, haunted by their pasts and encaged in their insecurities. 

You want to know who did grow?


Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” (Luke 2:52, NLT)

“Jesus grew.” 

In fact, Jesus grew into the single greatest influencer this world has ever known. While I do believe there are good male role models, I do not believe there is a greater one than Jesus of Nazareth. On a very practical level, Jesus gives us a pattern for personal growth in four distinct areas of life.

I’ll be back next week to talk with you about the first area. 

In the meantime check out this video:

And if you don’t carry a pocket knife, get one and carry it with you daily.  The world is full of trouble and we’ve spent far too much time hoping it doesn’t notice us. 

Pastor Kevin*

*Inspired and adapted from an article by Brandon Cox   


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