What we encounter in life is often tough for adults to navigate.

For kids, with their lack of real life experience, it's another level of difficulty because they are developing
their own identities, choosing friends, learning to communicate, sometimes dealing with bullies and
harassment, and ever-advancing digital technology.

Whether you're a parent, grandparent or a godly adult influence in a child's life, you want to help guide them down a good path.

At times this can be challenging because we want what's best for the next generation, but we don't always
know how to really make a difference in a kid's life.

This message series focuses on the most important things that kids need to know (adults, too, because this is godly teaching everyone benefits from). This series will help you as an adult grow as a person of faith and be more confident in teaching the next generation to live a life of faith knowing God is always there,  available to guide and direct our lives.



  • Part One:       Your Identity
  • Part Two:       Healthy Friendships
  • Part Three:    Crucial Conversations
  • Part Four:      The Digital Age
  • Part Five:       Holding Onto Faith
  • Part Six:         When You're Bullied or Harrassed


Series Begins Sunday, September 24


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Pastor Kevin & Jennifer

Hi! I'm Kevin.


I believe that you are uniquely wired by God for a specific purpose, and unless you figure out what that purpose is, you'll never truly be fulfilled. No one else on earth can fulfill the unique calling God has for you. No one else can fulfill your assignment.


Maybe you know exactly what your purpose is, maybe you've been running from it for awhile, or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to start looking for it...


I want to help you find it...because I believe the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who actually do!


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