Our Team

Kevin Hill
Lead Pastor
(aka Chief Strategist)
Growing up I didn’t learn everything I needed to know. It’s taken God’s unrelenting love over the years to even bring me to the level of spiritual understanding I now have and I’m not anywhere near where I should be. My saving grace is that God uses the foolish and the weak to accomplish His work here on earth (1 Corinthians 1:26-27)! My work’s passion is to help other foolish and weak people, who like me are loved by God, be more than they ever dreamed possible because of Jesus’ continual work in their life. Along those lines, to the best of my ability, I lead Holley Church to focus on the things of God which will change and improve our lives and the lives of our community as a whole.

I love Sweet Home and, more importantly, God does as well! Besides as a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move here. It may not be Alabama, but it’s a real Sweet Home to me!

I used to own a very successful Comic Book & Sports Card Store


Ryan Grove
Worship Pastor
(aka Creative Pastor of Awesomeness)
Worship, and leading others to worship, has always been a passion of mine. I believe that everyone has the ability to praise God and I strive to make Sunday setlists, and other music-related events, that help others worship Him to their fullest. I grew up in the church, with both my parents in leadership positions, but it wasn’t until high school that I truly came to a relationship with Christ and realized His purpose for my life. I love using my passion for music, and my video production and editing skills, here at Holley Christian Church. My favorite Christian musical influences are Matt Maher and Rend Collective.

My wife, Lauren, and I have 2 boys, Aiden and Joshua.

I am a self-proclaimed nerd in most things – especially anything shiny and cool. I totally geek out over Star Wars, Superhero’s, and all things “techy.”

I have an innate fear of flying insects. I cannot help myself!

Say What?

Jennifer Hill
Administrator/Children’s Coordinator
(aka instigator-at-large)
I love using my God-given skills of organization and attention to detail to help build God’s church. I often describe my job this way: the leadership draws the picture and I color it in. Being “the biggest kid in the room” helps fulfill my mission to show kids how much fun serving Jesus really is.

I intend on having a conversation with God about mice, rats, spiders, bats and weeds at the appropriate time and I exhibit addictive behavior when it comes to Cheetos and Twinkies. I am still ruminating on what I want to be when I grow up.

My Junior year of High School, I fell off the riser during my choir solo.

Who knew?

Vickie Procknow
Nursery Director
(aka resident children’s expert)
I began serving in our children’s program in 2003 and said “yes” to the invitation to be the Nursery Director in the summer of 2006. I enjoy using my background in education to serve Jesus. Three words that describe me best would be: happy, calm and loyal.

In my spare time, I love “crafting.” I often do bazaars and have a facebook site where I sell items. The best thing about crafting is the items I make to give away: Hats for cancer & NICU patients and washclothes that are sent to our missionaries in Bolivia for baby-washing days. I also really enjoy teaching people how to knit.

I lived in Guam while my husband was in the military.

Guess What?