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Pastor Kevin Hill

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Kevin continues on in this new series! You won't want to miss this one. Click below to listen to past installments of this series! 


Winning the War In Your Mind

Change Your Thinking; Change Your Life

The Bible

Divine. Explosive. Lots of Pages.


Life Lessons from Old Testament

God on Film: Manly Men Edition

Be Strong! Stand Firm in the Faith! Act Like Men!

Mean People

We all encounter them! Is there a better option than just getting even?

The NOT Life!

Fear not! Worry not! Doubt Not! We can embrace and live the NOT Life!


God has a plan. You have a part.


Tough As Nails

Having great strength of body, mind, and resilience in the face of hardship or pain.

Get Fit

“Get Fit” in different areas of your life as you discover more about Jesus.


The Christmas Season is a time of wonder.


By the Book | Colossians

Answering Tough Questions About God:

Does God really expect me to be thankful?

By the Book | Romans

Answering Tough Questions About God:

Is God Ineffective in Making Me Like Him?

God on Film | The Age of  Heroes

How you can live like a hero no matter the circumstances or where you find yourself.

By the Book | Job

Answering Tough Questions About God:


By the Book | Proverbs

Wisdom is the skill of learning how to live God's way

Jesus, Judas and the Cross

Is Jesus the only Way?

Did Judas have a choice?

Why did Jesus have to die?

By the Book | Joshua

Answering Tough Questions About God:

Is God cruel?

By the Book | Exodus

Answering Tough Questions About God:  Where is God?

By the Book | Genesis

Answering Tough Questions About God:

Is faith in God irrational?