Love: His Way

Love:  His way
(this is an extension of my “Love:  His Way” message from Sunday, March 20)

Jesus desires for us to love His way and His way is a higher level of love.  A love that extends beyond what you and I may even believe is possible.

One of Jesus’ closest friends betrays Him to be seized and arrested by the chief priests who have brought the temple police and a squad of Roman soldiers to do their dirty work, but as they move forward to arrest Him a sword is drawn and as it flashes in the torchlight there is a shriek of pain.  The temple police and Roman Soldiers who have been sent to arrest Jesus all immediately begin to draw their swords until Jesus says, “Stop!  No more of this.” (Luke 22:51)  And just like Jesus had once stopped a stormy sea everyone there stops at His command.  Every disciple, every soldier, every chief priest and scribe, everyone stands still in stunned silence.  Except for one man – one man shrieks in pain.  He’s down on his hands and knees searching for his ear in the dark, sobbing in agony while the blood pours down the side of his head soaking his shirt.  When they made their move to arrest Jesus, the apostle Peter draws his sword to protect his Lord.  He is aiming for the center of the man’s skull, but the man ducks and Peter lops off his ear instead of splitting his head wide open.  Peter doesn’t understand why Jesus has given the command to stop and he certainly doesn’t comprehend what his Lord is doing now.  For Jesus stoops down to help the man up and then, “He touched his ear and healed him.” (Luke 22:51)

Why would Jesus do this?  Why help the man who is part of the group coming to arrest Him?  We say, “Let him bleed.”  “He only got what he deserved.”  “He’s lucky to be alive.”  Isn’t that how we respond to those who come to do us wrong?  And yet Jesus heals the man.  Why? Why did He heal him?

Love is not overcome by evil. 

Romans 12:21, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Pastor Kevin

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