Love His Way – part two

Love:  His way part #2 (this Love:  His way blog series is an extension of my “Love:  His Way” message from Sunday, March 20)

Jesus desires for us to love His way and His way is a higher level of love.  A love that extends beyond what you and I may even believe is possible.

After Jesus heals the man whose ear had been cut off, (see March 20th blog) He turns His attention to protecting His eleven closet friends.  Even though they have failed Him in his time of most desperate need He’s still concerned for their welfare.  In John 18:8, Jesus speaks to those who have come to arrest Him, “I told you I am He,” Jesus replied, “So if you’re looking for Me, let these men go,” and go their way they did, scattering off in the dark like sheep without a shepherd.

And now it’s just Jesus and the silent, unmoving, stunned mob standing there.  They have been immobilized by His words until Jesus speaks directly to them, Luke 22:52-53, Jesus spoke to the chief priests, the temple police, and the leaders who had come to arrest Him.  He said, ‘Why do you come out with swords and clubs and treat Me like a criminal?  I was with you every day in the temple, and you didn’t arrest Me.  But this is your hour to act, when the power of darkness rules.’”

Sometimes the powers of darkness have their hour, but we must remember it’s only an hour.  There are 24 hours in a day and 8,760 in a year so that’s 8759 hours that are not the hour of darkness and the hour of darkness always passes.  Remember that when you find yourself in the Garden alone, betrayed, depressed and discouraged, facing the powers of darkness that it is but an hour and remember there is a power of light.  It is true there is a power of evil, but there is also a power of good and it is the greater power.

When the mob first arrives to arrest Jesus, He says to Peter, Matthew 26:53, “Do you not think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than 72,000 angels?”  1 Kings 19:35 tells us that one angel took out 185,000 soldiers in one night’s work so Jesus has at His disposal a force of destruction beyond what we could even imagine.  He could have unleashed all the power of heaven and destroyed His accusers.  Why didn’t He use this power?

Love suffers long and is kind. 

1 Corinthians 13:4, “Love suffers long and is kind.”     

Pastor Kevin

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