Jesus Matters

As a church family our first core value (our core values are what give us direction as a church) is “Jesus matters.”  As a church we believe Jesus matters to our daily lives.  The Man who walked around on this earth some 2,000 years ago matters today, and we say unashamedly in a culture that doesn’t really believe that, but we do, that we value Jesus!  We value who He is and how He loves us and what He teaches us.  Why is it important that “Jesus matters” is the primary core value of our church?  It is because He is the founder of the church and without Jesus as our foundation than nothing else we do as a church makes sense. 

Because Jesus matters we love our community and desire to be a force for positive change.
Because Jesus matters we love people enough to step outside our church building and show them God’s love in practical ways.
Because Jesus matters we invite those who don’t know Christ or have a church home to explore faith in Christ at Holley.
Because Jesus matters we strive to create an experience in every worship service which allows people to experience God and learn more about Him.
Because Jesus matters we serve one another.
Because Jesus matters we give to honor God and help build His Kingdom here on earth.
Because Jesus matters we believe people matter and everyone needs the opportunity to become and be a fully developing follower of Jesus.
Because Jesus matters we prepare to welcome first time guests in every worship service.
Because Jesus matters we teach His Words found in the Bible without compromise.
Because Jesus matters we know we matter to our Heavenly Father.    

Loving God and serving people BECAUSE Jesus matters,   

 Pastor Kevin 

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