I am pleased with you; I am proud of you – part two

These men’s blogs I’m posting are being sent first as emails to all the men in our church and even though I’m directing them toward men I believe everyone can benefit from them.  So they’ll be posted here (sometimes with minor changes) one week after the men have received them as emails. 

Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.” (Luke 2:52, NLT)

Last week I introduced the third area of personal growth for men:  growing up spiritually. I ended by saying:  “God likes you and wants you to know Him and maybe you’ve never realized that.”

I want to go a bit further with this because most of us want to be liked (even you guys who say you don’t care – you’re not fooling me), but many of us are unsure if God actually likes us. He likes you.  God likes you because He made you.  He made you so He could love you.  He made you to partner with Him to influence this world for good and His glory. 

One of the most powerful moments in Jesus’ life happens at His baptism.  As Jesus comes up out of the water a voice out of the heavens says, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.” (Matthew 3:17)

I’m wondering how many of you men have never had that moment?  It’s tragic and destructive because you needed a dad who would, in significant moments, say to you, “You are my son.  I love you.  I am pleased with you.  I am proud of you.” 

Growing up spiritually really begins to take root when you understand that because of your faith in Jesus God considers you to be His dearly beloved son.  He loves you.  He is proud of you.  He is pleased with you.   

I’ll be back next week to talk with you about the fourth area every man should be growing in.

In the meantime dads, tell your kids this week, “You are my son (daughter).  I love you.  I am pleased with you.  I am proud of you.”  It is well past time to break the stupid, destructive chain of not verbally telling your kids these things.  For some of you this is just a reminder.  For others it’s a wake-up call.  Remember Jesus’ call for you to follow Him is the straight and true path, but it’s not the easy one.    

Pastor Kevin*

*Inspired and adapted from an article by Brandon Cox  

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