Holley Church Re-Open Plan

Phase One

Phase Two

 What a year! 

Our church, community and world have been changed in a way that nobody anticipated on January 1, 2020.

And yet, God remains un-surprised and unmoved. He has opened doors and given us opportunities we’ve never had before. He has sustained us, provided for us, and given us wisdom. We’ve learned to adapt, adjust and pivot when necessary. More than ever we’ve learned that the church was NEVER about a building.

In an effort to continue living out our mission as a church and care for those God has entrusted to us, as well as those we are trying to reach, we’ve prayerfully put together a re-opening plan. Every effort is being made to ensure that each phase is in harmony with our local leadership, schools, medical professionals, CDC requirements and the heartbeat of our church family. 

The decision to reopen is a complicated one and must be dealt with wisely. Here is what we know:

 ▪ The church has a biblical mandate to gather
Online services are not a permanent substitute for in-person fellowship.

 ▪ Christians are commanded to submit to civil authorities
We are, as much as possible, to live peaceably with all men. Throughout church history there have been times where civil disobedience has become a necessity but only as a last resort. We are thankful for and pray for our national, state, and local leaders and the decisions they have had to make. 

Jesus said the second most important command in the Bible is to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” 
We believe that following the recommendations of national, state, and local leaders and reopening in a safe and cautious way is the best way to love our city and community at this time.

 As a church we care about our community, so everything we do as we consider reopening will be prayerfully considered.

As of Friday, June 5, Linn County has been approved for Phase 2 of Re-Opening. According to Phase Two Guidelines, indoor gatherings are to be limited to 50 people. Honestly, this doesn't really allow for worship services to take place in our Worship Center. At this time, our governor is saying we could be in Phase 2 until, quote, "there is a reliable treatment or cure for Covid-19." However, according to Phase Two guidelines we can have up to 250 people outdoors.

So, until further notice, our Drive-in Church will be happening every Sunday at 9:30 AM on our campus. It's a safe and fun way to gather for worship.

  • Bring your lawn chairs and umbrellas and sit outside your car
  • Turn your radio up loud, or bring your boombox
  • Sit in the back of your pickup
  • Wave and smile 
  • Please remember to physical distance from those around you
  • Or stay inside your car, turn your radio up, and enjoy the air conditioning

Of course, if you feel safer at home, you can connect with us online:

  • We'll be live streaming to our Facebook page at 9:30 on Sundays.
  • The service will be recorded and posted to our YouTube Channel on Sunday afternoons.
  • The service will be recorded and posted to our Website on Sunday afternoons.

Kid's Content is still being created weekly and posted in the following places:

  • Holley Church Kids Facebook Group | Sundays @ 11 AM (You'll need to request permission to join the group)
  • Holley Church Website | Sundays @ 11 AM