Ryan Grove

About Me: 
I grew up in a family of ministers; my mom and dad were heavily involved in leading the Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville, Florida. I moved to Boise, Idaho my junior year of High School and attended Boise Bible College where I met my wife, Lauren.  Growing up I was always told that one day I would be a great preacher, but I remember thinking to myself, "I don’t want to do that!  That would be boring!"  I wanted to be a youth minister because I thought that I would be able to have all the fun while still being a minister at church.  Years later, God has still held a burning passion in me to do ministry but now I have learned that God has placed a passion in my heart for worship and to see His people worship Him in spirit and truth. This is a desire that I share with my wife and that we wish to see grow in the lives of our two sons, Aiden and Joshua. We are very excited about God’s plan and we look forward to the vision that He has for the family of Christ here at Holley Church!

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Gnips – fruit from Guyana, South America, that look like big grapes that you crack open and suck on the gooey nut inside.

What don’t you want said at your funeral?
"And that’s why you don’t put a fork in the toaster!"

My hidden talent is…
Quoting Syndrome!  I can see a movie once or hear a line from the radio and I will continue to quote it for the rest of the day…month…year. It’s just how my mind works and it’s fun to agitate my family with it…my wife finds this especially amusing!

Who is your favorite Superhero?
BATMAN!!  Hands down the best hero of them all – no one can touch him!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Running through a lightning storm with a fishing rod over my head!

I am passionate about…
Music.  I feel that it is truly one of the greatest ways to express ourselves.  God has given us the ability to create beauty out of the creation He has made and we are able to express back to him everything that we feel and want to say through music and words.

Favorite Scripture Verse:
Jeremiah 33:3

The best thing about leading worship is…
That we get to come into the presence of our God just as we are and lift up our praise and song to Him and thank Him for what He has done and has yet to do in our lives.