Jennifer Hill


About Me:
I am still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, I have addictive behavior when it comes to Cheetos, and I am scared of alegebra.  My passions are:
    ~ Jesus – who makes life worth living
    ~ Kevin, my husband – who has made the last 26 years a great adventure
    ~ Austin and Autumn, my kids –  who bring so much joy into my life
    ~ Organization – it just makes me happy
    ~ Coaching soccer – love meeting the kids and watching them improve
    ~ Children’s ministry – an amazing, awesome challenge!

    ~ Decorating and landscaping – love it!

Favorite Soft Drink:  I’m a Pepper!
Dream Vacation Spot:  Australia/New Zealand, Greece, Italy
First Thought When the Alarm Rings:  Who am I? What day is is?  Please let it be Saturday!  
Dislikes:  Spiders, rats, mice, bats, disorganization, a messy house, weeds
No Way/Not Evers: Skydiving, Bungee Jumping
Favorite Fast Food: Baja Fresh
Favorite Thing About Holley Church:  That’s easy – the "hot" pastor.  Relax…he’s my husband!!!!!!!