Back on Track Blog #8

Back on Track Blog #8:  Sunday Matters:  A place to call home. 

This past Sunday I spoke about why Sunday matters because it is a place to call home. 

Here are some examples of what our church family says about Holley being their home.

“For many years, while still being connected to God, I wasn’t connected to a church.  I’m so glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give church another try.  Now I look forward to coming to church each Sunday.”

“What an awesome church to be a part of.  It’s great to be a part of a church family that understands ‘we’ are the church.”

“It is wonderful to be in church among family.”

And I shared this one on Sunday morning, but I don’t mind sharing it again here because it so perfectly captures the truth that Sunday matters because it is a place to call home:

“Just want to say that as we were singing I looked around and this thought came into my mind, ‘I love these people (broken and all).  I love my church family!  Thank you Pastor for encouraging us to love each other.’” 

Remember Sundays matter, attending church matters.  It matters to you.  It matters to your family.  It matters to your church family.  It matters to your community and, most importantly, it matters to your God. 

Putting God first by attending church is the foundational key to staying on track and allowing you to find a place to call home. 

Sunday matters because it provides you with a place to call home!

Pastor Kevin

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