Back on Track Blog #4: Your Day Matters – Sunday

On Sunday I shared several reasons why being in church on Sunday matters and encouraged everyone to protect their Sunday.
But what happens when…?
… when I can’t make it to church because I’m out of town?
… when I am sick or one of the kids is sick?
… when I have to work?
… when I’m trying to protect my Sundays, but I truly can’t make it to church? 

You still must make the effort to focus on God because the devil will know you are more vulnerable when you can’t attend a service.  It is more difficult when you’re not in church to stay on track with our Lord, but it can be done.  Here are some actions you can take.

#1 – Try to protect your Sunday schedule, as much as possible, so you can be in church.  Evaluate whether the reason you are missing church is really necessary. 

#2 – If you are out of town, but you can attend another church, consider taking the opportunity to do so.  You are taking time to honor God and it also will remind you how someone new feels the first time they come to our church. 

#3 – If you are out of town, but cannot attend another church, stop and pause before breakfast or lunch and consciously honor God.  It is not the same as being in church, but it is a very good spiritual habit to remind yourself it is Sunday, the Lord’s Day, and it helps keep you on track in your spiritual life. 

#4 – During the week, listen to Sunday’s message online at  Again, it is not the same as being in church, but it does help you grow spiritually and keeps you connected to God and your church family. 

#5 – Make a conscience effort to stay connected to church via social media.  The church has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  These are not a substitute for Sunday morning, but they do keep you up-to-date on what is happening in our church.  They also give you quick spiritual boosts throughout your week.    

#6 – Realize you do need church and make sure to attend when you are in town, not sick and not working.  It is very easy to not attend when you’ve gotten out of the habit.  It is very easy to let everything else crowd out honoring God on Sunday.    

Remember attending church matters.  It matters to you.  It matters to your family.  It matters to your church family.  It matters to your community and, most importantly, it matters to your God. 

Attending church is the foundational key to staying on track and connected to Jesus every day and every week.

Sunday matters!

Pastor Kevin   

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